1K a Day Challenge – Week Thirty Seven

It’s September 20th, 2015. Week thirty seven of writing 1,000 words per day of fiction. It’s time for another update!

Days 256 through 262 have been successes, with a minimum of 1,000 words per day written.

Stats for Days 256 to 262:

Day 256 – 1023 words
Day 257 – 1035 words
Day 258 – 1053 words
Day 259 – 1040 words
Day 260 – 1118 words
Day 261 – 1151 words
Day 262 – 1027 words

Total count for the year thus far is 333,801 words. Average daily word count is 1,274 words. WIP No Shit is at 6,456 words, and will be done in another day or so.

So as I stated last week I was taking a break from novel/novella writing to work on some smaller stuff, and that’s what I’m doing. No Shit is going to be a short story that I will hopefully be able to make good enough for an anthology due at the start of next year.

The shapeshifter story is still continuing and the next part is just about ready for blog-posting on Tuesday. I still think there’s another five or six parts to finish this one out, and then I’ll see what I can do from there.

The next story is to get back to my Shades of the Past series with the third book, completion of the first trilogy in the world of Cleave. Its WIP title is currently just Shades Three until something better occurs to me, but it will be the conclusion to the story being told in Something More and False Idols. Any stories told in that world beyond that will be different main characters, down the timeline as this universe is developed.

I’ll continue working on small stuff in the meantime, finishing No Shit, The Shape of Family, and other small stories that crop up in the last three months of this year. But Shades Three will probably take me to the end of the year.


You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter to see my progress and little daily anecdotes, and join in if you like!

And remember, writing is a skill. So write the hell on, writers.

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