The Wings Take Shape – Part Nineteen – Finale

And here it is, the final part of The Wings Take Shape!

If you’re new to the story, head to Part One and start from the beginning!

Last time on Wings, Sadie led the imprisoned Wings headed by Claire Claymonte to the city gates in order to escape. A presence Sadie had sensed took control of her body and she forced the others to flee without her, but not before gifting Claire and Jeffrey with the Totem spirits of Ursatrundle and Shadow-Dancer.

Meanwhile, Renee Mollen and her Totem-Bonded fled through the city with their families and other refugees intent on getting out of the city and away from the foreign military. They came upon Sadie just as the force that had taken control of her absorbed her completely and stole the powers of the cadshee, vomiting up what was left of Sadie before disappearing in a puff of smoke and peal of wicked laughter.

They escaped the city, but they didn’t make it unharmed. And now they must decide on their futures.


The Wings Take Shape

Part Nineteen – Soldier On, Mad Wings

by Rick Cook Jr.

They fled Rothfort, some in their new forms and others barely holding onto the forms left to them. Renee didn’t know exactly what had happened at the city gates, but the result was clear enough.

The fight was long from over and whoever that man had been, they were not prepared to deal with him. Continue reading

The Wings Take Shape – Part Eighteen

After a brief week’s hiatus, Part Eighteen is here!

If you’re new to the story, head to Part One and start from the beginning!

Last time on Wings, Captain Renee Mollen and her Winged Riders assaulted the city of Rothfort, held by a foreign enemy. Their goal: free the city if possible. It became abundantly clear that they could not martial the strength to overthrow an entire army of foreign soldiers, so they regrouped and settled on freeing who they could and fleeing to regroup, starting with Renee and Marie’s family.

Wing Captain Claire Claymonte, having been taken hostage in the initial siege, was freed by Sadie, the Smokeshift, along with all the other soldiers held captive within the city, including Sadie’s husband Jeffrey Paige. She believed the plan was to take back their capital.

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The Wings Take Shape

Part Eighteen – Coming to Terms

by Rick Cook Jr.

Sadie appeared in a puff of oily smoke, coalescing into her human form complete with clothing. Claire and the rest of the Winged Riders had not exactly waited patiently. They had secured weapons and armor where they could and were working towards the stables when Sadie found them.

She sighed and beckoned them forward. “It’s a fool thinks a Winged Rider lets others go into danger alone.”

Claire grinned. “Against our natures. What’s going on outside?” Continue reading

Widen Your Comfort Zone

There’s a special feeling when you’ve got a niche and you fill it so nicely. Everything’s in its place, because you know this place and it’s your place and you dictate where all the things go.

You’re in your comfort zone. Your little personal bubble. You’re hidden away safe and sound where you know all the dark corners and all the damp spaces and juuuust where to lay down on that mattress. Continue reading

The Wings Take Shape – Part Seventeen

Part Seventeen coming at you!

If you’re new to the story, head to Part One and start from the beginning!

Last week on Wings, the preparation had begun for the assault on the besieged capital of their homeland. Rothfort was a fortress, but they had a dragon.

Renee and the rest of her Wings that had bonded with the animal spirits, the Totems, changed into their animal forms after agreeing to a hasty plan to free their families and any soldiers within the capital to fight back. It was a desperate move, but it had to be made. The longer the enemy controlled the city, the firmer their grasp on the country became.


The Wings Take Shape

Part Seventeen – Assault

by Rick Cook Jr.

Deep in the heart of the military quarter, a woman heard a noise. Faint at first, so faint that Captain Claire Claymonte wasn’t even sure she was hearing it.

It had been a long few days in the prisons. They had beaten her. They had killed other Captains. She was sure she’d be next. Continue reading

Breaking the Author – Week Twenty One

It’s Monday, May 30th. Which means this post is a day late, but whatever, let’s get to it!

I’ll be brief this week because I’ve got a lot of stuff to do before going back to work tomorrow. A fair amount of my time has been taken up with home stuff as I’m preparing to take over my two-bedroom apartment in full instead of sharing it with a roommate. So shopping and planning and all the chores that go with keeping up the place now fall directly on my shoulders.

Which is to say that it’s my excuse for not getting as much done as I’d have liked. Continue reading

Media Medley – May 2016

Holy cow, it’s closing in on the end of May already? Let’s talk about stuff I’ve been watching, reading, and playing!


I watched two movies this month, Special Correspondents which was kind of a stinker, and Captain America: Civil War, which was not, so Civil War takes the prize!

Things I loved about Civil War: Captain America gets actual character development. Black Panther. Spider-Man. Ant-Man’s twist on powers. Falcon and Winter Soldier hating on each other. There were issues with the movie (partly because there were only a thousand people in it), but overall it was highly enjoyable and shoves the MCU into an interesting direction.


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The Wings Take Shape – Part Sixteen

Part Sixteen, and the beginning of the final act of The Wings Take Shape!

If you’re new to the story, head to Part One and start from the beginning!

Last time on Wings, Captain Renee Mollen, having survived betrayal at the hands of her new recruits by melding with the Totem spirit Swiftstrike (along with Marie), worked to convince her Winged Riders to take on other Totem spirits that Sadie had gathered to her.

After much discussion, she succeeded in granting all but three of the Totems to her soldiers Regina Hughes, Aldwin Tanner, Patricia Nightingale, Giselle Wander, and to the would-be-murderers Danver Cummins and Hilde Allworth.

She then hatched a plan with their newfound abilities against the foreign enemy at their capital city, Rothfort.


The Wings Take Shape

Part Sixteen – Prep

by Rick Cook Jr.

They couldn’t storm Rothfort, of course. The foreign soldiers would take them down eventually, nine plus Sadie and a few able soldiers.

Jon knew it, Stalker knew it, but they came to the knowledge differently.

They crept through the Bloody Wood, each of the new Totem-Bonded still adjusting to having voices inside their heads. Nightingale refused to stay in human form, kept taking to the sky to glide as her Totem wished to do. Jon was glad for her. Continue reading