Breaking the Author – Week Twenty One

It’s Monday, May 30th. Which means this post is a day late, but whatever, let’s get to it!

I’ll be brief this week because I’ve got a lot of stuff to do before going back to work tomorrow. A fair amount of my time has been taken up with home stuff as I’m preparing to take over my two-bedroom apartment in full instead of sharing it with a roommate. So shopping and planning and all the chores that go with keeping up the place now fall directly on my shoulders.

Which is to say that it’s my excuse for not getting as much done as I’d have liked.

I wrote the next part to Shapes 2. I maintained the blog. I went to see X-Men Apocalypse and was sad about it. I did some planning for the blog that may be revealed in the next month or so. I worked on Shapes 1 and also on Avalon Circle a little bit.

I truly believe I will be *done* with Shapes 1 by this time next week, and will be preparing it for Amazon Kindle soon. Originally I was going to work on Gridfall next, but the more I think about Avalon Circle the more I want to work on it instead. We’ll see what happens when I close the book on Shapes 1 completely.

I’m running out of time on my submissions hopes, and I’m definitely not going to finish editing a novel by the end of June for 2nd Quarter Goals this year, but I’ll make a decent dent in it all the same.

That’s pretty much it for now!

Until next week, get some sun! Unless you’re allergic, in which case do not go near the sun. But for everyone else, go outside and enjoy what is hopefully a beautiful start to your summer!


As always, follow me on Facebook and Twitter with #breakingauthor. Keep on striving for those goals.

And always remember to write the hell on!

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