Touch Me!

Touch Base with Me, that is.

I mean, if you really want to feel my beard I probably won’t say no. I have been beard-molested a time or two in my day.

If you want to contact me for any one of a thousand nefarious plots, schemes, plans, or adventures, email me at bigrickcook at hotmail dot com, or use the contact form below.

Someday I’ll start using my Gmail, I feel sure of it.

You can also come find me on:




Reddit as /u/bigrickcook – I haunt /r/writing, /r/writingprompts, /r/whatevergameihappentobeplaying, and several other gaming and writing subreddits.

3 thoughts on “Touch Me!

    • I am not! It is perhaps a problem that I have a basically identical name to an established author, especially in one of my favored genres. I suppose if I ever became popular enough I’d have to disambiguate myself further than simply tacking on a Jr to my name.

  1. Ah ha, Scott Dyson asked the question I was wondering about, so now I am as enlightened as he! I was trying to find if there were any Wizardry series books on Audible, or even Kindle, and found that the answer was “sort of”. HOWEVER, this search found you, Rick Cook, Jr, and now I am going to buy one of your books and read it. In this case your ambiguous name gained you a sale!

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