Breaking the Author – Week Four

It’s January 31st, 2016. This post is coming to you via scheduler, as I will be attending PAX South this weekend and having no cares in the world for the craft of writing! Time to get my game on.

*Ahem* A month gone and what do I have to show for it? Let’s find out!

The goals I hoped to achieve this week are as follows:

  1. Maintain blog. – Completed.
  2. Complete Line Edits on Shapes 1 – 25% complete.
  3. Another round of edits on Shibboleth and Damp Summer Nights, the short stories I’ve been tinkering with – Completed.
  4. Begin looking at cover artists for Shapes 1 – Not started.

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Media Medley – January 2016

It’s the last Thursday of the month, and this year as I mentioned before I will be doing something a little different with my month-end Thursday posts. Instead of talking about just one piece of media that inspired me throughout the month, I will be breaking down all the movies, TV shows, books, comics, games, and whatever else I consumed during the previous month, talking about each one briefly and what I liked or disliked about it, with a single recommendation at the end.

So let’s jump right into this for January 2016! Continue reading

Breaking the Author – Week Three

Third week tucked into my belt for this year’s authorial challenge, Breaking the Author!

I was sick for most of this week, and unlike last year when I was sick, I didn’t force myself to complete daily goals to the detriment of my health. So while I had a couple extra things early in the week I was hoping to get around to, I just didn’t have the health for it this week.

The goals I wanted to achieve were thus:

  1. Finish first-pass edits on Shapes 1. – Completed this Tuesday night.
  2. Plot out Shapes 2 with a rough outline. – Completed this Friday night.
  3. Start line edits on Shapes 1. – Did not even begin this.
  4. Edit “Shibboleth” and “Damp Summer Nights” short stories. Did not even attempt.
  5. Maintain blog. – Completed.

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees

It’s Thursday and I want to talk about a particular experience I had over the last month or so that is relevant to my current editing goals.

In December of last year I was doing my best to hit my daily goal of words written, because I had a novel I wanted to finish and a year of writing to smash to pieces. I was successful at both of those, but right there in the middle of it all I had some random inspiration and wrote a short story.

I haven’t posted the short story on the blog, nor have I submitted it anywhere for publication consideration yet. Part of that is that the story isn’t ready yet. Continue reading

Breaking the Author – Week Two

I’ve completed the second week of this year’s challenge, Breaking the Author, and now you get to see me brag about it a bit!

This week’s goals mostly centered around the shapeshifter novella. I edited roughly 50 pages this week, and I have another 25 or so to go for a completed first pass on edits. The first pass is mostly correcting inconsistencies and looking for things that are obviously wrong or that I knew I was going to change already. After the major revisions to story and character are complete, I will delve deeper into a line edit and polish up the prose and dialogue as best I can, followed by a check for spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. The final pass will consist of a live reading in which I will be correcting anything that doesn’t sound good when I read it aloud. Continue reading

Carving Your Own Bones

It’s Thursday, time to jam!

So I haven’t talked about it too officially yet, but the way I plan to run my Thursday posts is a little different than last year. For 1K a Day I did Motivationals and mini-reviews. This year I won’t be doing many Motivationals, instead filling the Thursday slot with more craft-centric posts. The various facets of being an author that perhaps you don’t think about as often.

Editing, Formatting, Cover Art, Line Edits, Proofing, Blog Tours, Conventions, Book Signings, Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Vanity Publishing, Query Letters, Cover Pages, Frontmatter, Backmatter. The list goes on. To be an independent author means to have a general knowledge of all these things and more because self-publishing is an expensive endeavor if you have to pay for¬†every non-writing task that you aren’t very good at. What that will result in is a guy somewhat like me, who knows just enough about all the various pieces of getting your book into the hands of readers so that it actually gets into the hands of readers in a format and professional-ish manner that people are willing to accept. Continue reading

Breaking the Author – Week One

It’s the end of the first full week of 2016, which means it is time for my Week One update!

I don’t have a daily update or anything fancy like I did last year, so instead of giving you a day-by-day breakdown of how much I wrote or edited or whatever, you’ll get a quick rundown of what I’ve been working on during the week and then I’ll update my Goals with completions marked as strikethroughs! Continue reading