Published Works

I currently have three published novels and a novella available for purchase through Amazon and other book-buying sites. No links on this page are affiliate links; I only get paid if you actually buy my books. Not all books are available via all sites (Recluse/Runaway is only available through Amazon Kindle, for instance).

Amazon Author Page

Barnes and Noble Author Page

iTunes Books Author Page

Shades of the Past series (science fiction)

1 – Something More

2 – False Idols

Standalone Novels and Novellas

Our Crumbling Ivory (modern supernatural fiction)

The Recluse and the Runaway (literature novella)

Publishing Hopefuls

Gridfall – Modern Alternate Industrial Science Fiction novel – Will be Submitting for Traditional Publication sometime in 2016.

The Cherished Time – Time Travel Science Fiction novella – Aiming for Fall 2016 for Kindle release.

Savage Duty – Conclusion to the Shades of the Past trilogy – Aiming for Summer 2016 for self-publication release.

Crowbar and Tirades – Supernatural short story collection – Aiming for Winter 2016 for Kindle release.

Avalon Circle – Young Adult / Coming of Age novel – Will be Submitting for Traditional Publication sometime in 2016.

The Shapes We Take – Fantasy novella collected from this site – Aiming for February 2016 for Kindle release.

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