1K a Day Challenge – Week Twenty

It’s May 24th, 2015. Week twenty of writing 1,000 words per day of fiction. It’s time for another update!

Days 137 through 143 have been successes, with a minimum of 1,000 words per day written.

Stats for Days 137 to 143:

Day 137 – 1128 words
Day 138 – 1046 words
Day 139 – 1050 words
Day 140 – 1054 words
Day 141 – 1079 words
Day 142 – 1235 words
Day 143 – 1422 words

Total count for the year thus far is 187,580 words. Average daily word count is 1,311 words. Gridfall is at 162,177 words. Based on my projections for the story, it is 90% finished.

This week has seen all of my writing put towards Gridfall. I’m entering the final phase now, truly approaching the end of the story, and as such there are many things about it that have become easier. But I think just as many things have become much more difficult. Major character moments are still to come, but almost all of the character development is behind me and it comes down to what these characters would do now that they’ve been put through hell.

The plot has shifted a few times, still generally marching towards a similar ending I first had in mind. But with that shifting of plot I know I have a lot of tweaking to do as I head into the final scenes. Major and minor plot or character moments may no longer make sense, and I can’t really make that decision until I get to it, with the characters I have in play.

The difficulty now is in seeing the plot and the characters and knowing that I have something workable. I believe I do, but it’ll take the completion of a few more scenes to really get me where I need to be.

The climax and resolution are the easiest parts to write, and the hardest parts to write well. To close all or at least most of the loops. To try and make sure there aren’t any gaping plotholes. To ensure the characters end in believable places for the journey they’ve taken, if not satisfying and believable.

So wish me luck as I embark on the truly final leg of this story.


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And remember, writing is a skill. So write the hell on, writers.

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