Listen To My Story (Being Read By a Podcast)

Holy potatoes, you guys. Happy Halloween!

I have a special announcement that has everything to do with today.

Do you know Blurry Photos? They’re a couple dudes that run my favorite podcast about ghosts, devils, witches, aliens, ancient histories, unsolved mysteries, supernatural chicanery, cryptids, conspiracies, fantastical science. They’re a couple of improv actors from Chicago and they keep the funny rolling while they delve into the weird.

In short, they’re pretty much exactly my kind of podcast.

But you know what else they do sometimes? They tell spooky stories. Haunting tales to chill the bones.

And this year for their 4th annual Ghost Stories episode, they read one of mine.

Go check it out now! It is on Ghost Stories 4, and my story is Weeping Thief, which you may remember being posted to the blog once upon a time. Continue reading

Weeping Thief

For best reading, turn on some instrumental scary music from Youtube, turn down the lights, and listen carefully for the call of the Weeping Thief.

Updated 2015-10-31: If you want to hear this tale told instead of reading it, head on over to Blurry Photos and feast your ears upon Ghost Stories 4, where it is featured as one of their submitted stories!


Weeping Thief

by Rick Cook Jr

The Weeping Thief is outside my inn door and I don’t know what to do.

How she knows me as a wanted man, a robber of banks, is unimportant. She is here. The Weeping Thief has come.

I know the stories. I could call out, but she’d silence me before help arrived. I could barricade the door but she’d find another way in. I could arm myself with flintlock or saber, but she’s impervious and relentless.

The song that children sing drifts out from under the door, a woman’s voice and yet somehow thin, translucent:

The Weeping Thief is come
to sweep away your dreams,
when night forever falls
no one will hear your screams.
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