Listen To My Story (Being Read By a Podcast)

Holy potatoes, you guys. Happy Halloween!

I have a special announcement that has everything to do with today.

Do you know Blurry Photos? They’re a couple dudes that run my favorite podcast about ghosts, devils, witches, aliens, ancient histories, unsolved mysteries, supernatural chicanery, cryptids, conspiracies, fantastical science. They’re a couple of improv actors from Chicago and they keep the funny rolling while they delve into the weird.

In short, they’re pretty much exactly my kind of podcast.

But you know what else they do sometimes? They tell spooky stories. Haunting tales to chill the bones.

And this year for their 4th annual Ghost Stories episode, they read one of mine.

Go check it out now! It is on Ghost Stories 4, and my story is Weeping Thief, which you may remember being posted to the blog once upon a time.

There’s other stories told before mine, and some after. Mine is the third story, starting right around the 28.5 minute mark if you want to jump right to it.

A very special thanks to Dave and David of Blurry Photos for reading and enjoying my spooky tale and letting me be a part of their Blurry Photober!

If you’re new to my blog and want to see some of the other creepy stories or horrorcentric tales, I have compiled just for you a short list of all the spook there is to find.

Weeping Thief
A criminal is caught by a supernatural entity intent on revenge!


A young girl discovers a very special magnifying glass in her home and doesn’t like what she sees.


The World Ended and I Still Need Condoms
Three teens steal a Hummer on a quest for cigarettes and condoms in a world overrun by zombies.


Rose Petals Spinning in Space
A girl on a generation ship interacts with a ghostly boy that her mother doesn’t see.

Rose Petals Spinning in Space is less scary or horror, but it is a ghost story, so I included it.

Hope you enjoy this look into the weird and wary, and have a wonderfully worrying Halloween!

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