Media Medley – April 2016

It’s the end of April and it’s time for the rundown of my favorite things from the past month!

Let’s right to it with:


I watched a grand total of two movies, and one of them was because I realized I didn’t want to call the piece of shit I watched earlier in the month my favorite. The piece of shit was 400 Days and I don’t want to talk about how boring and nonsensical the entire venture was. Continue reading

Media Medley – March 2016

And now, for your entertainment pleasure, it’s time for the month-end media roundup!

Actually, we’re not doing that. It was kind of lacking in substance and it took a long amount of time to do without a lot of payoff.

So instead I’m going to break down my FAVORITE thing from each type of media I consumed over the month of March.

Let’s get to it!


I didn’t watch a ton of movies during March (I rarely do these days, it seems), but I did see Batman v. Superman (it was garbage), I watched Deadpool for a second time (still glorious), and I watched a movie called Slow Learners from Netflix. It stars Adam Palley and Sarah Burns, both of whom you recognize on sight. I’m not sure I’d call Slow Learners my favorite movie that I watched in March (at least new movie I watched in March), but it definitely had some funny moments despite being a completely typical indie rom-com. Continue reading