1K a Day Motivational – “It Inspires Me” October Edition

It’s Thursday! And more than that, it’s the last Thursday of the month. It’s time to talk about a thing that I watched, read, played, experienced, listened to, whatever in this month, and which inspired the hell out of me to push my creative energies ever further!

I’ve talked about┬ájust about every kind of entertainment at this point, but one that I haven’t tackled yet is music.

I’m pretty much always on the lookout for new jams. The soundtrack of my life is perhaps as eclectic as they come, with punk, rock, rap, dance, psytrance, musicals, showtunes, indie pop, pirate rap, steampunk ballads, classical music, video game soundtracks, contemporary classical, polka, ska, metal, emo, gothic.

The list goes on forever with the weirdo shit I put in my earholes and enjoy. Continue reading