A Pile of Failure

This clip is relevant to today’s subject!


Failure’s a thing, right?

A dirty, rotten, horrible robber who shows up to knock you down and take your wallet. You’re not expecting this assault against your person, and yet it comes like a tornado through your psyche, uprooting all the positive feelings and tearing down all the sensitive barriers you’ve built up.

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1K a Day Motivational – “But The Pressure Is Too Much”

This is the third to final Thursday of the year, and what better time to talk about feeling overwhelmed with continuing to succeed when the failure will be very public?

I’m writing more words per day than 1,000 at this point, and that has become something of a trial in itself. I’m feeling the pressure to succeed.

I’m feeling it squeeze in on me from all sides. Family and friends have started paying attention again. They’re watching in these, my final days. Will he succeed? Will he fail? Do we want him to win? How great would it be if he missed the last day just to troll everyone?

These are things I think about.

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1K a Day Motivational – “But I’m Scared”

Heyo, fans and random readers. It’s September! I’ve been doing this thousand words a day thing for 8 solid months. Pretty sweet, huh? This is the 35th week of the year (I think), and I’m two thirds of the way done. Things are going good, and I’m reasonably confident that I will finish the year. I might miss a day. I might miss several. Hard to say. But I’m very confident I’ll have written 365,000 words by the end of the year, which in terms of the true goal of the year (to write a fuckton) I will have succeeded.

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