1K a Day Motivational – “It Inspires Me” September

It’s the last week of September and this is the unbiased best month of the year! I use the last motivational post of the month to talk about and somewhat review a piece of media that has touched me and inspired me in some way. I’ve talked about movies, TV shows, books, and anime. I thought maybe I’d go a little outside the usual fare and into comic book land.

I have never been a big comics reader, mostly because comics have a way of being ridiculous and bad, especially the perpetually ongoing superhero series that are still in abundance to this day.

But there are gems out there, special comics that I have read over the years that are transcendent of the medium. I’m going to talk about Alias┬átoday, which is maybe jumping the gun just a little bit since the Netflix TV show centered around Jessica Jones isn’t coming out until November.

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