Media Medley – May 2016

Holy cow, it’s closing in on the end of May already? Let’s talk about stuff I’ve been watching, reading, and playing!


I watched two movies this month, Special Correspondents which was kind of a stinker, and Captain America: Civil War, which was not, so Civil War takes the prize!

Things I loved about Civil War: Captain America gets actual character development. Black Panther. Spider-Man. Ant-Man’s twist on powers. Falcon and Winter Soldier hating on each other. There were issues with the movie (partly because there were only a thousand people in it), but overall it was highly enjoyable and shoves the MCU into an interesting direction.


I was in a bit of a nostalgic, heavier mood this month, and ended up listening to a lot of System of a Down. Not for everyone, certainly, but there’s something so interesting about their music that just gets me amped up.


Going back to the Marvel universe for a minute, I decided to step back into the regular comics ring and purchase the first trade paperback of Carol Danvers’ run on Captain Marvel, and the first trade paperback of Kamala Khan’s run on Ms. Marvel. I haven’t read Ms. Marvel yet, but I’m digging Captain Marvel.

If you aren’t familiar with the character, she has taken on the mantle of Captain Marvel after the original Captain died and his DNA fused with hers, granting her his cosmic abilities. She’s something of a Superman figure, but she gets a lot of interesting stuff to do, and I’ve been having fun reading her exploits.

TV Show

It’s May, so a lot of TV shows are ending with the biggest surprise and spectacle that they can. Game of Thrones is back. Grace & Frankie Season 2 is here. Netflix has a show called Dramaworld that was interesting. Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow all ending, with varying levels of awesome.

I’ve been watching Psych, which is a popcorn blast. Not to be taken seriously at all.

But I think, despite a super emotional episode of Game of Thrones, I have to give it over to Gilmore Girls, which I had never watched prior to this. Gilmore Girls was always described to me as “Buffy without the vampires” and after watching I can attest to that. It’s chock full of whimsy, obscure pop culture references, and whip-crack smart dialogue. It’s a total guilty pleasure show for me since it’s all about a young mother and her precocious teenage daughter and their struggles to be strong, independent women. And I think Lorelai is legit pretty much just a jerk, but overall it’s been great fun and I’m gonna stick around for it.

Video Game

Uncharted 4 came out this month. It is the only game I have played besides a mobile game. It is everything I love about Naughty Dog’s games, and less of the stuff I don’t like (the ratio of crazy shootouts to wandering/exploring seems to be much better this time around). What’s really interesting about this is that not only are they telling a typical Uncharted story, aka Indiana Jones in video game form, but they’re actually building up to something special. I haven’t had a lot of gaming time this month, so I haven’t beaten it yet, but I think I’m close and I have loved just about every second of this game.


I’m still on the Blurry Photos train, concentrating heavily on getting through the backlog of episodes so I can stay current. December of last year saw an episode about Elisa Lam, a mystery death at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles IN THIS DECADE. You may have heard about this as it went viral because of an elevator video in which Elisa Lam is seen acting paranoid or possessed or intoxicated, and the death is still unsolved to this day, which lends it a weird sort of creepiness. There’s some gross descriptions, so fair warning.


My book efforts have been focused mostly on Radiance, my choice for last month, and beta reading for a friend’s manuscript, so I will politely decline to choose a favorite for this month, though I will say that I won an audio book for Amalia Carosella’s By Helen’s Hand, and will likely be listening to it over the next month!


That’s my list, what’s yours? Make me recommendations and I’ll try to check them out before the next Media Medley!

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