Breaking the Author – Week Sixteen

It’s April 24th, 2016. Sixteen weeks and one left in April, let’s do that update thing again!

My goals for Second Quarter of 2016 (April-June) are as follows:

  • Finish Shapes 1 Editing and Self-Publish It
  • Finish Writing Game Year 1 Editing and Release It For Free
  • Finish Writing Game Year 2
  • Finish Shapes 2 Writing
  • Plot Shapes 3 for Third Quarter Posting
  • Write Four Short Stories
  • Submit Three Short Stories
  • Finish Gridfall Editing and Begin Submitting to Agents
  • Maintain the blog

So a quick rundown of what I accomplished towards these goals:

  1. Back into Shapes 1. I’ve been working on some world-building stuff because new things keep occurring to me that I really need to work out, and then retroactively fix in Shapes 1 and 2, before I can finalize Shapes 1 editing.
  2. Writing Game Year 1 has gone as far as I can take it alone, so this piece will take some time as everyone re-reads the stories from Year 1 and we come to a consensus on what to change and how.
  3. Writing Game Year 2 is on its back half, so after today, there’s just three weeks left!
  4. Shapes 2 has some big stuff coming up, part of which is bringing the Stalker arc to a close, and in so doing, put the last pieces in place for the fight against the invading army. Not sure how many parts that will be, but it’s looking to be longer than Shapes 1 at this point.
  5. No Shapes 3 plotting has occurred yet.
  6. Gridfall is scheduled to begin as soon as Shapes 1 is finalized. This is the big one for the quarter, and will be the last to complete, I imagine.

Editing has been productive, split between world-building, research, and active editing for. I fell behind in my goals for April in the last two days, because of a variety of factors, mostly boiling down to “I didn’t make time for editing”. We’ll see if I can get caught up.

I did not win this round of the Reddit contest, so I won’t be advancing to the final round. I was up against some really tough stories, so I don’t feel bad about losing.

In the coming week, I will be focusing on editing Shapes 1, writing for Shapes 2 and Writing Game Year 2.

That does it for this week! Take a breather, give yourself some time to dawdle if you can. Find a reason to celebrate and gather your friends/family together. Life is worth living and celebrating, so get to it.


As always, follow me on Facebook and Twitter with #breakingauthor. Keep on striving for those goals.

And always remember to write the hell on!

One thought on “Breaking the Author – Week Sixteen

  1. Life is worth living!!! I couldn’t agree more! Your dad says he’s always amazed how I can enjoy the simplest things! I’m so glad I can and I can help him to do the same thing! Love for family and friends makes the world go around! 😍❤️

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