Breaking the Author – Week Nine

It’s March 6th, 2016 and I have been writing and editing this week! It’s time for the Week Nine update for 2016.

I managed to miss some of the goals this week, but I still accomplished several and feel pretty good despite the hectic days I’ve been having.

  • Write Shapes 2 Part 5
  • Polish the collaborative story game entry
  • Begin broad edits on Writing Game Year One
  • Finish line edits on Shapes 1
  • Maintain the blog
  • Maybe write a standalone short story?
  • Submit Damp Summer Nights again

Shapes 2 Part 5 I’m not totally pleased with yet, and am hoping to fix it tomorrow before preparing it for posting.

I posted the collaborative story game entry today, and have already begun thinking about next week’s writing for it!

I gathered together all the writing from last year’s Writing Game and started making some minor changes, just getting everything into the same format. This is an ongoing goal.

Didn’t really work on Shapes 1 much, still have a little ways to go.

I submitted Damp Summer Nights out again. I haven’t received any feedback on this story from submissions and I still don’t know if I can make it better at this point. But I’m gonna keep subbing for a while longer.

My goals for Week 10 are:

  • Write Shapes 2 Part 6
  • Write for the Writing Game Year 2
  • Continue broad edits on Writing Game Year One
  • Finish line edits on Shapes 1
  • Maintain the blog
  • Submit Shibboleth short story

And that’s it! I am aiming still to get Shapes 1 out on Kindle in the coming weeks, but it has been a trial. And the intent is to release Writing Game Year One as a small anthology for free via this website or elsewhere, in MOBI and EPUB formats.


As always, follow me on Facebook and Twitter with #breakingauthor. Keep on striving for those goals.

And always remember to write the hell on!

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