Breaking the Author – Week Five

It’s February 7th, 2016. Five weeks of editing madness.

Goals achieved:

  1. Maintain blog. – Completed.
  2. Complete Line Edits on Shapes 1 – 50% complete.
  3. Edit and submit Magic Carnival and Shibboleth short stories.
  4. Write Shapes 2 Part 1

Goals for next week:

  1. Maintain blog
  2. Complete 100% Line Edits on Shapes 1
  3. Edit and submit Damp Summer Nights
  4. Write Shapes 2 Part 2
  5. Find cover art for Shapes 1
  6. Tentatively begin looking over Gridfall for preliminary editing phase.

I’ve been struggling to get everything done, and part of that is just a kind of motivational lapse unrelated to writing stuff, but I’m upwards and onwards next week and looking forward to getting back on the ball.

See you next week!


As always, follow me on Facebook and Twitter with #breakingauthor. Keep on striving for those goals.

And always remember to write the hell on!

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