Breaking the Author – Week Two

I’ve completed the second week of this year’s challenge, Breaking the Author, and now you get to see me brag about it a bit!

This week’s goals mostly centered around the shapeshifter novella. I edited roughly 50 pages this week, and I have another 25 or so to go for a completed first pass on edits. The first pass is mostly correcting inconsistencies and looking for things that are obviously wrong or that I knew I was going to change already. After the major revisions to story and character are complete, I will delve deeper into a line edit and polish up the prose and dialogue as best I can, followed by a check for spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. The final pass will consist of a live reading in which I will be correcting anything that doesn’t sound good when I read it aloud.

I currently expect that entire process to take another two weeks, at which point I will begin preparing it for Kindle publishing.

I also wrote a short story this week that probably won’t make it to the blog anytime soon, but that I had a lot of fun with and may eventually try to get published. That’s one short story out of twelve for the year!

I edited another short story that I wrote near the end of my 1K a Day challenge last year, and this story is totally just taunting me. As I was writing it I thought “Man, this is some good shit. This is like the best thing I’ve ever written!” and then I read it the next day and realized it was a steaming pile of excrement and insanity. It kinda depressed me a bit, but I poked and prodded it, making changes and trying to figure it out for a month. This week i finally posted it somewhere to get some feedback and that has been a really good thing. I want to try and get this one published, too, so it won’t show up anytime soon on the blog, either. Sorry!

I gave minor critiques to other short stories that were inspired by the same thing my short story was this week, and I wrote a review for my author friend’s book, Blood of the Queen. This is a part of being an author that is a bit more optional than most, since it doesn’t have anything to do with MY writing, but I enjoy the process and I’ll include it as part of my goings-on each week because it requires critical thinking and analysis of writing, which ultimately does help my own craft.

I have maintained my blog schedule with a Thursday post and today’s Update.

For those keeping score at home, here’s the breakdown:

1. Edit the three novels and two novellas from last year.
– Gridfall (novel)
– Triple T (novella)
– Shapeshifter (novella) FIRST PASS 70% COMPLETE
– Avalon Circle (novel)
– Savage Duty (novel)
2. Self-publish one of the novels and both novellas.
– Triple T
– Shapeshifter
– Savage Duty
3. Submit other two novels for regular publishing consideration.
– Gridfall
– Avalon Circle
4. Continue a weekly Editorial and Update schedule on the blog for this year’s challenge.
– Two Weeks Successful
5. Get started back up on a weekly novel or novella posting on the blog.
– Sequel novella to shapeshifter currently planned to begin in February.
6. Submit a short story a month.
– Two in January
7. Write at least one short/flash story a month.
– January Story Complete!
8. Write the next part of the Shapeshifter novella series.
– See Number 5.
9. Write the first novel of the new trilogy in the Shades series.
– Not begun.
10. Transcribe the partially-completed coming-of-age fantasy story that only exists in notebooks. Finish the novel.
– Not begun.

So maybe not the biggest piece of progress, but steady on for editing and writing!

Next week’s focus will continue to be on editing the shapeshifter novella, with possible short story writing and editing, and preliminary plotting of the next part of the shapeshifter novella goes into effect so that I have a pretty solid plan when I start writing it next month!


As always, follow me on Facebook and Twitter with #breakingauthor. Keep on striving for those goals.

And always remember to write the hell on!

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