1K a Day Motivational – “I’m Killin’ It”

Thirty third in the Motivational series. What could I possibly talk about after that many weeks? LET’S FIND OUT TOGETHER. Just come into my basement, children.

Just kidding.

I don’t have a basement.

So I’ve covered dozens of topics at this point in the Motivational series (not including the mini-reviews), and it’s been a real struggle each week to find a topic unique enough that it warrants a Motivational, without treading over the same ground again and again.

And I do walk some parallel paths in these, don’t I?

A hundred words seems like enough stalling, doesn’t it?

So today it’s a simple motto:

“I’m killin’ it and I’m gonna keep killin’ it.”

The improper words are required or it doesn’t count.

Sounds a little arrogant? Maybe. But let me ask you this, O Reader: How many words have I written this year?

Oh, is that all? Well, yeah, I think I’ve earned a little haught.

I’m 230 days into this Year of Writing and I haven’t slipped  yet. I haven’t faltered. I’m impressed with myself. I’m incredibly scared of failing. So I talk myself up. I keep my spirits high.

Other people are doing this, too. Others are giving themselves pep talks in the mirror before an important business meeting. Before a date. Before a sports competition.

This year is important, and every day that I succeed is another day I didn’t fail. And every day I didn’t fail is one more day I tell myself “Good job. Way to keep it up. Now get some rest cause you gotta do it again tomorrow.”

And I do. And so do you.

You’ve gotta believe in yourself, and part of that is being a little bit of a braggart when no one’s looking.

So yeah, I’m Killin’ It and I’m gonna keep on Killing It as long as I can, and I’m always gonna remember to write the hell on.

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