1K a Day Challenge – Week Thirty Two

It’s August 16th, 2015. Week thirty two of writing 1,000 words per day of fiction. It’s time for another update!

Days 221 through 227 have been successes, with a minimum of 1,000 words per day written.

Stats for Days 221 to 227:

Day 221 – 1194 words
Day 222 – 1135 words
Day 223 – 1068 words
Day 224 – 1057 words
Day 225 – 1183 words
Day 226 – 1112 words
Day 227 – 1137 words

Total count for the year thus far is 288,007 words. Average daily word count is 1,268 words. WIP Avalon Circle is at 83,676 words. Based on current projections, Avalon Circle is 72% complete.

Vacation’s over and I’ve had a rough week getting back into the swing of things, but one thing that didn’t suffer was my writing. Well, the quality may have suffered a little bit on account of general exhaustion, but who’s to say.

I worked on Shape of Family one day this past week, and another short story for three days, so less than half of my words for the week were devoted to Avalon Circle. I’d like this ratio to be a little different going forward, but so long as a few thousand words are written a week on the longer WIP I think that’s fine.

I have a weird Australian mythology story that I’m considering whether I should post on the blog. I don’t want to interrupt Shape of Family while it’s ongoing, but I also don’t want to just sit on this other story. Not sure what I’ll do yet, or even if it’s good enough to post. It’s certainly weirder than my usual writing. Which is uh, saying something, I guess? I write some pretty bizarre stuff.

I’m now thinking Avalon Circle might finish a little earlier and so just like with Gridfall the percentage might adjust drastically by next week when my overall words to completion drop by some amount. I think it’s generally better if the estimate is over what I end up writing, because there’s a little bit of editing ongoing as I write, where I’m deciding what belongs and what doesn’t based on my initial outline.

Until next week, my kickass readers!


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And remember, writing is a skill. So write the hell on, writers.

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