1K a Day Challenge – Week Twelve

It’s March 29th, 2015. Week Twelve of writing 1,000 words per day of fiction. I am thoroughly insane at this point, but it’s time for the Week Twelve update on my 1K a Day Challenge!

Days 81 through 87 have been successes, with a minimum of 1,000 words per day written. 

Stats for Days 81 to 87:

Day 81 – 1311 words
Day 82 – 1507 words
Day 83 – 1036 words
Day 84 – 1238 words
Day 85 – 1104 words
Day 86 – 1084 words
Day 87 – 1038 words

Total count for the year thus far is 116,561 words. Average daily word count is 1,339 words. Gridfall is at 110,416 words. Based on my projections for the story, it is 55% finished.


So I’m talking about the round robin writing game I’m participating in, and last week it was for The Reapers. This week I’m talking about A Knight’s Taint, the first humorous story among the five.

Knight’s Taint follows the unlikely exploits of a vigilante, non-powered superhero named the Knight Nudist, and if the name doesn’t give it away, he fights crime in the buff. Only a mask, utility belt, gloves, and boots adorn him. The city has warned him about public indecency, but he’s just doing what he’s gotta do.

So the setup for this story is ludicrous, and the names of other heroes and the events that happen are equally as ludicrous. It leans hard into the humor of the situation, the madcap antics that can sometimes encompass superhero storytelling, and revels in its own silliness. With hero and villain names like The Spangled Star, Captain Cat Lady (my personal favorite), Red Dawn, Sky Shower, Lady Fatness, Fingers, and Steve, there’s so much fun to be had in this story.

In short, it’s a blast to read and write. Think The Tick. Think Kickass. Think Dr. Horrible. It’s just a fun, breezy, balls to the wall (literally) story that I’m hoping reaches some epically high octane heights as it moves forward.

Next week I’ll talk about the second humorous story I got to write for in the writing game, Captain/Planet, which is exactly what you might expect in the world of grimdark parody reboots of beloved children’s programming.


You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter to see my progress and little daily anecdotes, and join in if you like!

And remember, writing is a skill. So write the hell on, writers.

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